Form To File is a PHP form processor script that sends form data to a CSV type data file, and your email address(s) upon processing the form. The data file feature makes it easy to import the form data posted into the database of your choice. With Form To File You can also customize and personalize your own email auto-response message sent in either plain text or HTML format to the form poster. The personalization can consist of any form data filled out on the data collection form page.

Form To File is very fast using PHP as the scripting language to process your form. Form To File also brings a large scale of versatility of features and functionality, to accommodate even the most seasoned users looking for an all around form processing solution. This Form processing script also includes a comprehensive read me file, example HTML form and error/success page templates included with the downloadable zip file.
This fully featured form processing to file and mail PHP script is available at a very reasonable price.

Form Processing Script Features
  • FOR ADDED SECURITY: Select the email address you want the data to be sent to by entering a number in a hidden field on the form. This number will correspond with the email address you set up in the PHP config script with the same corresponding number. This allows total and complete privacy of your email address(s), yet the ability to use unlimited email address for multiple forms.

  • Personalized Error and success page Templates. Give the form poster the effect that they never left your web site. These templates can provide your error and success page templates with the same "Look and Feel" as the HTML form page.

  • The auto-response and form data email can be sent via either SMTP or SENDMAIL.

  • Functionality to attach a file to the auto-response email. This is ideal for those that use the form processing script to take orders.

  • Duplicate form submission deletion. Ideal for lead generation form processing.

  • Template Error pages, and "personalized required error page module". This module enables you to send form posters to a template error page you setup if ANY required field is not filled in. This page can look as if they never left your site. In addition this page can contain the form that they posted from on the previous page, and through "Custom Personalization Template Tags", you can keep the values of ALL previously inputted data (including dropdown, radio and select boxes) while asking them to fill in the missing required fields through an error message, bolding the input field "description text" and highlighting the actually field yellow.

  • Each form can use a different required template error page.

  • Each form can use a different personalized success page. This template success page can be personalized with form data posted on your HTML form, and can contain the same look and feel as your actual site.

  • The error and success templates can give you that personalized and customized professional look that most large companies spend big money for.

    Security & Privacy
    This program has several form processing security and privacy features built in. Every form that is submitted will collect the form posters IP address as well as the date submitted.

    With Form To File you configure the SEND TO and CC TO email address(s) in the PHP script. Therefore your email address(s) stay hidden from those using the form.

  • This prevents un-authorized person(s) from using your form processing script to post their own forms. (Such as spammers)
  • This also prevents email harvesters from harvesting your email address(s) and putting it on a spam list.
  • This also provides the script owner with added privacy, by preventing visitors from seeing your email address.
  • You will also have the ability to set which web sites can post information.
  • However even though your email address(s) are configured in the script you can still use a different SEND TO and CC TO email address for each different form you use.

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